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Over The Moon With Fabric

Just Lovely Products and Moon Fabric

Just Lovely Products have been working with Moon fabrics for almost 10 years, but it’s really been in the last 2-3 years that our relationship with them has become much busier with a constant engagement in new designs to satisfy the many style choices of our followers.

Our journey into becoming #famousforfootstools (a phrase we admittedly honoured ourselves with!) Has been largely down to the extensive range of fabrics offered by the ‘actually famous’ moon brand.

We have split our use of moon fabrics into 2 sections on our website:

Plain Fabrics: Although the word plain doesn’t sound overly exciting, it really is all about the colour and the texture. Check out the newly added herringbone range within our plain footstools category.

Patterned Fabrics: The patterned fabrics include popular designs and luxury tartans all from Moons extensive range. The colour combinations available are vast, with the only challenge being, choosing the perfect match for your home. Browse our collection of tartan and patterned footstools.

More about MOON

Moons unique collections of Furnishing fabrics are beautiful yet durable in equal measure, found everywhere from traditional British retailers to 5 star hotels. The name Moon is now synonymous with wool interior fabrics; no other brand specialises in wool and brings out its luxury and benefits in quite the same way.

Founded in 1837 and with their original roots in apparel, Moons are one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain, with a reputation for consistent quality and innovative design. Here you can discover more about the Abraham Moon mill, our illustrious company history, and the many natural benefits of wool fabrics. https://www.moons.co.uk

Mountains of Research

The small but passionate JLP team absolutely love researching new fabric options. This job isn’t made easy by the ever-changing environment and the sheer volume of available options. This is helped however by the way moons stylishly categorise their collections within their own website broken down by colour, texture and style.

The Moorland range contains some of our favourite fabric choices. It was from this range we created three of our most popular products:

Herringbone and Pastels

Our plain fabrics section is selected from two main ranges within the moon website (Herringbone and Melton). We absolutely love the Herringbone options, and we know that Herringbone style is extremely classy and popular across the UK and beyond. It simply wasn’t an option for us not to showcase it.

The other range that makes up our plains is the Melton collection. There are so many subtle pastel colours that help us bring vibrance to our products and enable us to tailor our options throughout all seasons.

You can chat with our #famousforfootstools team using the chat button in the corner of your screen to discuss using any fabrics from our partner Moon’s website or even your own preferred custom fabric.

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Famous For footstools

Footstools are a simple but versatile product. Naturally they provide you with the obvious function of ‘putting your feet up’ but they also give living areas an opportunity to add style and personality to the home.

Here at Just Lovely products we have specialized in bespoke handmade footstools for almost a decade. It’s our ever growing range of fabrics and bespoke options for our customers that has helped us become #famousforfootstools.

We started back in 2012 selling our simple small stag head print footstool. This stool is still popular today and really steered our business in the direction of country living.

Get fancy with your footstool!

We all tend to choose quite safely when it comes to sofas and large furniture purchases, in general people will pick something they like, but also something they think everyone else will like. We believe that with footstools, that don’t take up a huge amount of space in the living area, it’s a real opportunity to pick something more personal, more unique, and perhaps a bit more daring! And this can be done while remaining totally stylish.

Nothing ticks this box more than our extensive animal fabric range. From our humble beginnings with the stag head footstool, you can now choose from the following:

Stunning Buzzy Bee fabric
  • Buzzy Bee – with subtle characteristics the bee fabric is a stunningly fresh option for living areas with a nice summer feel. Naturally goes well with yellow accessories and undertones.
  • Fox – The fox fabric has a luxury warm and cosy look. The orange accents give living areas that autumn feel.
  • Robin – this pretty little robin looks so beautiful and classy when printed on the off-white fabric. Ideal for living areas with a cosy winter woodland theme.
  • Full Stag – This fabric was an alternative to the original stag head option. The print is beautifully detailed and the stag is delightfully impressive. A classic country home choice.
  • Ladybird – The cute ladybird fabric is vibrant and colourful. A perfect choice for the younger audience or perhaps die hard ladybird fans… if they exist.
  • Hare – The bunny fabric is subtly classy. It retains the country home feel but with a cute approach. A softer looking option to that of the full stag or fox fabric.
  • Woodland – One of our favourite fabrics to use. We have to position the print right in the centre of the stool to get the full effect of the beautiful woodland scene.
  • Sausage Dog – by popular demand, we’ve sourced this wonderful fabric and it just looks delicious on a footstool. Super cute, but also wonderfully classy.

You can browse our range of animal fabrics using our footstool fabrics gallery.

For something arguably more luxurious, we love the legacy fabric range by Moons. The bright colours and tartan options give us fantastic opportunities to create wonderfully unique footstools for our customers. You can view this fabric range on Moons’ website here. For a fresher look, we also like working with Moons ‘moorland range’. Look at the light blues and subtle pinks in particular, they make such wonderful footstools!

When deciding on what stool is right for you, don’t forget to consider the many leg options available, and for larger stools, maybe add buttons to enhance the country home feel.

Perfect pastels and shimmering velvets

We’ve carefully selected our plain pastel fabrics to ensure we maintain consistency and character in the field of footstools. We encourage customers buying a larger stool to select the buttons option with these fabrics, they just add so much character. There’s no better place to browse these fantastic colours than directly on Abraham Moons website. Browse their luxurious plain wools here.

Our velvet range is nothing but luxurious, with an 80’000 rub test (apparently that means it’s just awesome) you can be sure your buying quality. This range is from J.Brown and the Modena range in particular is recognised as the market leader in home furnishing.

Keep it local, keep it British

We are extremely proud that we have kept our buying and manufacturing process local. Our footstools are all handmade in Matlock with no more than 2 pairs of hands! We have a small showroom in Belper where you can see many examples of our work.

Derwentside Shopping Mill is full of lovely little shops and you’ll find us up on the third floor.

Take a look what Derwentside has to offer.

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Rattan Revival

Never ending lockdowns have given us all more time spent in our homes, allowing us to decide whether we truly love our environment or not. The resurgence of more natural neutral interiors have brought around a rattan revival. JLP’s NEW Solis range offer interior gems which are perfect for your Scandinavian solace.

Home décor ideas for your wicker lanterns

No matter the style or size, your living room can always be made more personal with a few small changes. At Claire Lacey Design we love to include a decorative lantern to our schemes which always work so well to make a personalised sanctuary.

Lanterns really are such a versatile home accessory. To spark your imagination we have a few ideas which can be applied to any lantern style. Ample opportunity is afforded when placing your living room lanterns. Two or three can transform your coffee table from a bare necessity into a stunning feature. Similarly, place your lanterns on a sideboard or mantlepiece to display your wonderfully styled pieces as art by day and ambiance enhancers by night.

Wicker Domed Lantern

For an elegantly rustic look, pair JLP’s large white floor standing domed wicker lantern with the Bloomville star lanterns duo. Styled on a wooden or painted chunky console with cherry blossom blooms in oversized clear vases will soften the aesthetic of your hallway or empty corner whilst retaining that country chic vibe. For an even more cozy setting, place some soft woven baskets filled with blankets or cushions at the bottom of your console; stylish and practical.

Whether your home is the pinnacle of countryside comfort or minimalised modernity, having textures to soften furniture and adding accent accessories is a must. The best thing about lanterns is they are dual purpose where design is concerned. Looking fab both inside and out these accessories really tie a scheme together. Dress your lanterns up or down depending on the occasion then sit back and relax.

Retro Chic Chairs are the Future of Childish Comfort

Why a hanging chair?

Hanging chairs or egg chairs have once again begun trending in the world of design. Not only do their natural and organic shape tie in with consumers demand for a more natural living environment and their design ooze effortless style, but they take us back to our childhood promoting that inner joy we all relish in feeling. A cocoon of pure satisfaction.

How do I decide?

The first question you must ask yourself is where you will have most use form your chair. Depending on whether you wish the flexibility of a free standing chair which has the ability to be moved to suit your needs or a load bearing chair which is more of a permanent statement, consider how the chair functions in both your overall aesthetic scheme and in its usage in your daily life. I love the diversity of free-standing hanging chairs.

As much as I would like to commit to a permanent style statement of a load-bearing hanging chair, the practicality behind this is quite different. Living in a modest home means making the best use of your space and portable furniture which can be used both inside and out certainly makes for a great investment! My chair transports me from a sunny day spent in the garden to a cozy evening tucked away in my studio.

Styling my space

JLP have got the cutest accessories to style with your hanging chair. The white wash wicker basket butler tray is as diverse as the chair itself! This piece doubles as a side table and garden Champagne buckets are a décor item furniture piece. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend leaving outside which are perhaps only dusted off long term, during the summer when our great British weather is once every few years.

Rather than a little more predictable, this piece makes a great addition to splashing the cash on something the other rattan furniture which grace my garden. The white which spends the majority of its life wicker keeps the piece looking clean and minimal but still with a hidden away, you can be crafty about natural feel. The collapsible design makes stowing it away your purchase ensuring your vase easier for those months when I get less use of my outside area.

That 70’s Revival

We all know that when it comes to garden furniture, you start out with the best intentions but it usually ends in mildew and mayhem! Rattan furniture has always been most at home in the natural environment of your garden. Traditionally produced rattan which is all-natural vine or soft wood material is commonly very high maintenance and if not cared for properly will weather and rot. Never fear though, as modern day science has come up with the perfect solution to our problems. Whilst plastic rattan furniture does not have the feel that traditional rattan would, it does save a lot of grief when it comes to the maintenance and durability of your furniture.

This past 18 months we have all invested time and money into our homes and gardens, expanding our living spaces to make the most of our available space. Outdoor furniture can be as large an investment as sofas or beds, but when chosen wisely you’ll never feel the need to go on holiday again. Why not turn your garden into your own tropical paradise with furniture so comfortable you’ll be dozing for days. Check out Just Lovely Products range of home décor accessories for ideas to spruce up your chic getaway.

Written by our guest editor Sophie Laverty.
Design team member @ Claire Lacey Design

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Vis-à-vis Vases

Vases have become one of interior design’s must-have staples. No longer simply for function, your collection of vases and jars may be beautiful too, acting as a piece of sculpture when empty and a wonderful grounding shape to your flowers when full.

When it comes to decorating your home with pieces such as a vase, your connection to these objects makes a difference in how you see them in your home. The initial attraction may be colour, shape, texture or even size and from there you can curate your story and JLP would love to help you on your way.

JLP’s new Aztec collection are vases that I never knew I needed! As a lover of dark room schemes with jewel colour accents these vases are the obvious choice. The collection of differing sizes and shapes means that they are perfect to suit a range of floral styles as well as being statement pieces of décor in their own right. Try pairing with a plush black velvet lamp and some foliage wall art for that truly tropical feel.

How do I choose the right vase for me?

I have found that the process of choosing the right selection of vases is an experimental one. There are elements to consider when making your choice such as material, colour, shape and where you want to place the vase. Once you’ve considered these the rest is all experience.


The most sophisticated vase and jar material will forever be glass. Whether an original deco piece or a more standard reproduction piece, glass exhibits a refinement and elegance which is unrivalled in other materials. As the production of décor objects has become more accessible in the last twenty years you can now purchase everyday pieces for relatively little allowing you to be more experimental in your choice, especially when it comes to smaller scale pieces. However, hand-crafted blown glass pieces are the holy grail of vase choice. My extensive collection of vases would not be complete without statement coloured glass coffee table vases which make a dramatic statement when paired with white hydrangeas or peonies and my favourite coffee table books.


This is where JLP’s Aztec range really comes into its own. As much as I love a good piece of coloured glass, the nature of the material means your colourful statement is often more subtle. For a colourful statement which will knock your socks off, I recommend going for ceramic, glazed and enameled pieces which will continually hold that vibrant hue whilst offering something with perhaps more texture and pattern than you achieve through more simplistic glass blowing techniques. As well as providing pieces which are more vibrant in colour, ceramic vases offer an opportunity for a metallic or gilded finish without the less practical and sophisticated finish some purely metallic vases and jars portray.


The shape of a vase is where my collection really comes into its own. As an enthusiastic art and design lover, my vase and jar collection are as much works of art themselves than they are when holding a lovely bouquet of flowers. The recent boom of independent makers and craftspeople has introduced more unique pieces to the décor market making the entire experience of buying and styling more personal. The shape of your vase is somewhat determined by which style of flower you wish to showcase when the vase is in use. Floristry has never been more varied or creative and so your vase collection should reflect this. Tulips and other long-stemmed flowers will look best in tall vases which become narrower at the top, showcasing your small buds at their best. Roses on the other hand require much more water meaning a bulbous vase with a large water capacity will keep your flowery friends content.


The placement of your vases may make or break your interior scheme, especially when it concerns statement pieces. As with any other décor, experimenting with placement will help you curate your perfect scheme. Usually, when I purchase a vase I already have an idea of where it will live, however, on the rare occasion I impulse buy, moving the piece around over the course of a few weeks in combination with other vases, jars and décor pieces, solidifies its placement in the house. For large scale vases, which are wonderful for your sunflower or lily bouquets, an ‘empty’ corner is best. Child and pet dependent, I love the feel of large vases on the floor. They bring a joy and vivacity to what can be somber spaces. In contrast, my smaller scale vases occupy more low-key spaces such as sideboards, bookcases, shelves and windowsills. When styling with vases and jars, I use pieces purchased or gifted that have some sense of story and meaning. By this method they become part of the fabric of my home rather than simply pretty objects.

5 Best home décor ideas for vases & jars


The well-established routine of flowers in vases will never age out of style. Especially during lockdown when you need that little spark of joy in those less used corners of your home, fresh bunches of flowers, be they wild flowers from my garden or a luxury bunch as a gift always brighten my day.


If flowers are not your go to then never fear! Vases and jars are just as effective for candles if not more so in some cases. The vase will both protect the flame from being extinguished and reflect a spectacular show of light around the room. The most effective time to give this styling tip a go is in the evening when you can sit back and make the most of what refraction has to offer. Check out some of JLP’s own candle holders which are style as vases.

Lavish Champagne Bucket

Champagne buckets are a décor item which are perhaps only dusted off once every few years. Rather than splashing the cash on something which spends the majority of its life hidden away, you can be crafty about your purchase ensuring your vase could double as an ice or champagne bucket for those special occasions.

The best material choice for this instance would be metal or dense glass; materials which will not have an adverse reaction to the temperature drop. A handy little tip for temperature drop. A handy little tip for when you need your vase to double up on a such when you need your vase to double an occasion is to pop it into the freezer for 15-20 minutes allowing the surface and up on a such an occasion is to pop it therefore its contents to stay cooler for longer. You can now enjoy your next evening into the freezer for 15-20 minutes soiree in style.


Why not upgrade your tired car key holder or change jar for its chic counterpart! Small scale vases which sit discreetly on sideboards in entryways are the perfect piece to create a well-considered coordinated decor within your home. Similarly, bell jars and straight vases work wonders for jewelry storage in the bedroom. Clear or coloured glass ensures a sophisticated vibe whilst injecting a little personality into an intimate space.

Wall Vases

Should you find your home being shared with both children and pets; wall hung vases may be the ideal solution for those who crave a natural vibe coupled with chic elegance. A relatively new find for me, these wall vases are a must in small apartments, hallways and anywhere that is lacking a little luster. Perfect for single blooms and small- scale foliage at a fraction of the cost of some larger scale vases, these little gems bring a smile to my face whenever I pass them. The almost invisible fixing allows them to be completely out of the way while secure safely to the wall.

Written by our guest editor Sophie Laverty.
Design team member @ Claire Lacey Design

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5 best home décor ideas for mirrors

The mirror is truly a hero of interior design! A staple in the home which can be used in almost any room, decorative mirrors are an accessorizing must. Whilst the assumption by many is that the mirror is purely for vanity’s sake, they can be useful tools for transforming a living space. Just Lovely Products are offering you a wonderful range of mirrors which can meet all your design needs.

Whether your home boasts a country cosiness or clean lined minimalism, mirrors will certainly open your space up. Just remember to follow these few design tips to really make the most of your mirrors.

1. Gallery Wall

There are so many ways to achieve a classic looking gallery wall no matter style or budget. Whether you would like a space for memories or a purely decorative art piece, the incorporation of mirrors is simple. If you are wanting a more traditional style, try purchasing either a few smaller mirrors or one larger 1 mirror and begin from there.

Mirrored Pine inspired wall art from JLP

Think outside the box and maximize your space. Just because you have bought a mirror which should be vertical, doesn’t mean you can’t hang it horizontally! When a base arrangement of mirrors has been achieved accessorize with smaller frames. These need not be expensive, keep an eye out at your local antique shop or car boot sale.

There is always a great bargain to be had. Wanting something more contemporary. Do not fear! JLP boasts a lovely range of wall art inspired mirror combinations which will open up any space. Check out the Antique Metallic Brass Mirrored Pine Wall Art, a perfect piece to maximize light in a living room.

2. Window Mirror and Planter

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes which serve a multitude of purposes. Window mirrors with built in planters are a great choice for both interior and exterior spaces and JLP has the perfect product to help accessorize.

A realistic range of artificial plants is just the ticket to creating an indoor paradise. The beauty of having your mirror married with foliage is the sense of natural reflection which can be echoed around the room. Check out the Stone Potted Boston Fern , a true feeling of being outside.

3. Industrial Mirror Shelf

Two uses in one, who could ask for more! Industrial mirror shelves are great pieces for apartments or smaller spaces where floor space or mid-range wall space is limited. When strategically placed, these shelves can bounce the light around the room, making it feel bigger whilst offering you a place for personal touches and self-styled decoration.

4. Mirrored Furniture

Living in a rented house or not keen on knocking nails into the wall, mirrored furniture is a perfect solution. Be sure to place your furniture in a less high traffic area of the house or you may run the risk of overwhelming your senses. Mirrored furniture definitely packs a punch!

To achieve unity in your space, go for furniture pieces whose shape matches your style. Don’t be put off if you aren’t ab3le to find the perfect piece straight away. Good furniture is worth waiting for. JLP furniture will pay you back in quality. Guaranteed at reasonable prices with a wonderful customer service team, Richard and Carly count their customers as one of the family.

5. Secret Garden

Mirrors in a garden are a well-kept secret. The ability to reflect light and create depth need not only be reserved for interiors. Clever placement and styling can reinvigorate your garden as a magical Eden, whether your space is large or small.

Small gardens, terrace spaces or courtyards can often be uninspiring but with a little TLC and JLP magic you can step through your very own looking glass. Add to your wonderland by placing your outdoor mirrors in corners, not only can you increase the intensity of natural light which will reach previously shady areas, but you also expand the feeling of space. By blending your mirrors into the flowers and foliage of your garden you will achieve a more natural look.

A perhaps more challenging task is how to refresh a larger garden. With more space comes more choices, but also more opportunities. When it comes to mirrors, bigger is definitely better. One of the most mesmerizing garden features echoes nature in its fullest form. If you have any body of water in your garden, be it a water feature, stream, pond or even lake, place your mirrors in areas where they can reflect the beauty of the water throughout the rest of your garden. Sit back and enjoy your oasis, sight and sound.

Now you have begun the journey, check out House Beautiful for some more styling tips to help complete the look.

Sophie’s 6 Top tips for placing #lovelymirrors

  1. If placed in a room with a window, make sure your mirror reflects part of or all of your window to achieve the best results. Not only will this increase the amount of light in the room but will increase the space’s depth also.
  2. Try to avoid putting your mirror where it will face a blank wall.
  3. In a windowless room, framed or panelled mirrors placed to reflect light in the room can give the illusion of a window.
  4. This may seem like a simple tip, but nevertheless people regularly make this mistake. When hanging a mirror above a mantelpiece, ensure you leave enough room between the mantelpiece and bottom of the mirror to be able to place things on the mantle piece. Not only do you have a little more space for beautiful accessories but this will allow your chosen pieces room to breathe.
  5. In a featureless room with no fireplace or mantelpiece, make your mirror the focal point. A real showstopper of a mirror can transform the feeling of a room. Check out JLP’s Entwined Lattice Silver Mirror for some inspiration.
  6. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having a full-length mirror in the house. An essential I would say. From getting ready for work in the morning to going out in the evening, a full-length mirror in a strategically placed room is a winner! The Colonial Grey Painted Hand Carved Hard Wood Mirror is a great addition to any bedroom or bathroom lacking a wow factor.

Need a little more inspiration, view JLP’s full decorative mirror collection

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Lighting up your home with decorative lanterns

How to customise your lockdown space

When confronted with your home on a 24/7 basis, it can be difficult to tune out the noise and relax. Just Lovely Products have the perfect solution; lanterns. An accessory which will enhance any environment, inside or out.

Lockdown has given many of us the opportunity to take up the flaming torch of the DIYer. However, for some, the plaster and paint approach may be too daunting to consider. JLP are giving you a less permanent alternative by accessorising your home. Lanterns will give you that assured sense of relaxation and comfort, ensuring your space is both warm and welcoming. JLP offers a great range of modern and antique style lanterns to meet your lighting needs.

As lockdown rules are easing you may feel the desire to venture further than your front door and explore JLP’s products in the flesh. Located at Derwentside Shopping Mill in Belper, JLP’s customer service team are thrilled to showcase their crafted, quality products. Should you still be weary of mixing in public, no fear! Head over to the JLP website where a wealth of inspiration awaits you.

For those of you deep set in the countryside, opting for a rattan or wicker lantern will enhance your unique rustic style. The wide variety of shapes ranging from convex to dome allows the opportunity to find that perfect fit. A piece which looks like it truly belongs. Check out JLP’s domed rattan lanterns with rope detail to customize your space. Alternatively, should your style reflect that of a minimalist modern era, the stainless steel lantern or a metallic finish lantern will extend the timeless elegance of your home through to your stylised pieces.

For more country styling ideas check out The English Home for a diverse range of farm feel to modern interior concepts.

Lanterns for your living room

Home décor ideas for your living room

No matter the style or size, your living room can always be made more personal with a few small changes. At Claire Lacey Design we love to include a JLP lantern to our schemes which always work so well to make a personalized sanctuary.

Lanterns really are such a versatile home accessory. To spark your imagination we have a few ideas which can be applied to any lantern style. Ample opportunity is afforded when placing your living room lanterns. Two or three can transform your coffee table from a bare necessity into a stunning feature. Similarly, place your lanterns on a sideboard or mantelpiece to display your wonderfully styled pieces as art by day and ambiance enhancers by night.

For special occasions or holidays, try customising lanterns to give you that festive feeling. Christmas is a great time to get creative by filling your lanterns with fairy lights or even baubles. For an added extra festive flare, decorate your lantern tops with Christmas ribbon!

Whether your home is the pinnacle of countryside comfort or minimalised modernity, having textures to soften furniture and adding accent accessories is a must. At Claire Lacey Design our passion is to create timeless interiors with an understated luxury that you will love for years to come and adding lanterns is such a simple and affordable way to add character and interest to your room or garden space.

Outdoor Inspiration!

The restrictions lockdown has imposed on us all have made outdoor living a much larger part of life at home. Whilst the British weather is far from predictable, we cherish the time we can spend outdoors, so why not enhance your outdoor space, fulfilling its potential! Any space can be transformed be it a garden, patio or even a shared courtyard. The beauty of the lanterns is compact transportability, making them a perfect solution for shared or rented spaces where permanent lighting is not suitable.

Want an outdoor oasis? An enveloping environment? Style your lanterns with JLP’s range of artificial plants, suitable for use inside or out. A realistic range of foliage enables you to create that tranquil atmosphere without the hassle of keeping plants alive; a never-ending endeavour! Complete the look with cute vintage signs which personalise your space. Be it a motivational quote or cheery notice, make sure it brightens your day, making you smile.

You don’t need to be a garden lover to create a versatile and usable space. Note sure how to use your garden, here are a few inspirational concepts to get you started:

  • Intimate evening with friends or family
  • Outdoor cinema evening with the kids
  • Garden glamping

For more ideas on your outdoor space, be it large or small, check out Elle Decoration.

Lucy's top lantern ideas

Lucy Loves Lanterns

Lucy is a cherished member of the JLP family and enjoys the lanterns as much as anyone! She recommends having your lanterns framing a lovely warm fire and a fluffy rug for your furry friend to snuggle up on.

Here’s 3 top ideas that Lucy would absolutely love with her lanterns:-

  1. A soft blanket to nestle up with
  2. Claire Lacey Design bespoke dog bed
  3. Small selection of yummy dog treats

My Top Tips for #lovelylanterns


The more, the better! Don’t be afraid to accessorise to the max. Especially when in a larger space which can often feel overwhelming, using more lanterns, even mixed and matched in terms of style and size, will help bring attention to focused areas of your space. As a rule of thumb, odd numbers look aesthetically more sophisticated when grouped but do whatever feels right for your home.

Fighting that flame

Lanterns are most suited to holding candles. A candle will give that warm glow of gold light; a feeling intimacy. However, live flames can be a safety concern, especially for those with pets and children. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. JLP boasts a wonderful range of artificial candles which mimic the movement of a real flame! All the cosiness with none of the risk.

Magic in the Making

For those prized little ones, be they furry or baby, JLP lanterns can bring that piece of pixie dust magic into a home. Style your lanterns with twinkling fairy lights and watch as the shapes dance from floor to ceiling. Placement is key, so to make sure the lanterns take your precious babies on a wonderland journey by placing at height, if possible, in the corners of rooms for maximum impact.

Written by Sophie Laverty.
Design team member of
Claire Lacey Design

Lucy Loves
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