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Vis-à-vis Vases

Vases have become one of interior design’s must-have staples. No longer simply for function, your collection of vases and jars may be beautiful too, acting as a piece of sculpture when empty and a wonderful grounding shape to your flowers when full.

When it comes to decorating your home with pieces such as a vase, your connection to these objects makes a difference in how you see them in your home. The initial attraction may be colour, shape, texture or even size and from there you can curate your story and JLP would love to help you on your way.

JLP’s new Aztec collection are vases that I never knew I needed! As a lover of dark room schemes with jewel colour accents these vases are the obvious choice. The collection of differing sizes and shapes means that they are perfect to suit a range of floral styles as well as being statement pieces of décor in their own right. Try pairing with a plush black velvet lamp and some foliage wall art for that truly tropical feel.

How do I choose the right vase for me?

I have found that the process of choosing the right selection of vases is an experimental one. There are elements to consider when making your choice such as material, colour, shape and where you want to place the vase. Once you’ve considered these the rest is all experience.


The most sophisticated vase and jar material will forever be glass. Whether an original deco piece or a more standard reproduction piece, glass exhibits a refinement and elegance which is unrivalled in other materials. As the production of décor objects has become more accessible in the last twenty years you can now purchase everyday pieces for relatively little allowing you to be more experimental in your choice, especially when it comes to smaller scale pieces. However, hand-crafted blown glass pieces are the holy grail of vase choice. My extensive collection of vases would not be complete without statement coloured glass coffee table vases which make a dramatic statement when paired with white hydrangeas or peonies and my favourite coffee table books.


This is where JLP’s Aztec range really comes into its own. As much as I love a good piece of coloured glass, the nature of the material means your colourful statement is often more subtle. For a colourful statement which will knock your socks off, I recommend going for ceramic, glazed and enameled pieces which will continually hold that vibrant hue whilst offering something with perhaps more texture and pattern than you achieve through more simplistic glass blowing techniques. As well as providing pieces which are more vibrant in colour, ceramic vases offer an opportunity for a metallic or gilded finish without the less practical and sophisticated finish some purely metallic vases and jars portray.


The shape of a vase is where my collection really comes into its own. As an enthusiastic art and design lover, my vase and jar collection are as much works of art themselves than they are when holding a lovely bouquet of flowers. The recent boom of independent makers and craftspeople has introduced more unique pieces to the décor market making the entire experience of buying and styling more personal. The shape of your vase is somewhat determined by which style of flower you wish to showcase when the vase is in use. Floristry has never been more varied or creative and so your vase collection should reflect this. Tulips and other long-stemmed flowers will look best in tall vases which become narrower at the top, showcasing your small buds at their best. Roses on the other hand require much more water meaning a bulbous vase with a large water capacity will keep your flowery friends content.


The placement of your vases may make or break your interior scheme, especially when it concerns statement pieces. As with any other décor, experimenting with placement will help you curate your perfect scheme. Usually, when I purchase a vase I already have an idea of where it will live, however, on the rare occasion I impulse buy, moving the piece around over the course of a few weeks in combination with other vases, jars and décor pieces, solidifies its placement in the house. For large scale vases, which are wonderful for your sunflower or lily bouquets, an ‘empty’ corner is best. Child and pet dependent, I love the feel of large vases on the floor. They bring a joy and vivacity to what can be somber spaces. In contrast, my smaller scale vases occupy more low-key spaces such as sideboards, bookcases, shelves and windowsills. When styling with vases and jars, I use pieces purchased or gifted that have some sense of story and meaning. By this method they become part of the fabric of my home rather than simply pretty objects.

5 Best home décor ideas for vases & jars


The well-established routine of flowers in vases will never age out of style. Especially during lockdown when you need that little spark of joy in those less used corners of your home, fresh bunches of flowers, be they wild flowers from my garden or a luxury bunch as a gift always brighten my day.


If flowers are not your go to then never fear! Vases and jars are just as effective for candles if not more so in some cases. The vase will both protect the flame from being extinguished and reflect a spectacular show of light around the room. The most effective time to give this styling tip a go is in the evening when you can sit back and make the most of what refraction has to offer. Check out some of JLP’s own candle holders which are style as vases.

Lavish Champagne Bucket

Champagne buckets are a décor item which are perhaps only dusted off once every few years. Rather than splashing the cash on something which spends the majority of its life hidden away, you can be crafty about your purchase ensuring your vase could double as an ice or champagne bucket for those special occasions.

The best material choice for this instance would be metal or dense glass; materials which will not have an adverse reaction to the temperature drop. A handy little tip for temperature drop. A handy little tip for when you need your vase to double up on a such when you need your vase to double an occasion is to pop it into the freezer for 15-20 minutes allowing the surface and up on a such an occasion is to pop it therefore its contents to stay cooler for longer. You can now enjoy your next evening into the freezer for 15-20 minutes soiree in style.


Why not upgrade your tired car key holder or change jar for its chic counterpart! Small scale vases which sit discreetly on sideboards in entryways are the perfect piece to create a well-considered coordinated decor within your home. Similarly, bell jars and straight vases work wonders for jewelry storage in the bedroom. Clear or coloured glass ensures a sophisticated vibe whilst injecting a little personality into an intimate space.

Wall Vases

Should you find your home being shared with both children and pets; wall hung vases may be the ideal solution for those who crave a natural vibe coupled with chic elegance. A relatively new find for me, these wall vases are a must in small apartments, hallways and anywhere that is lacking a little luster. Perfect for single blooms and small- scale foliage at a fraction of the cost of some larger scale vases, these little gems bring a smile to my face whenever I pass them. The almost invisible fixing allows them to be completely out of the way while secure safely to the wall.

Written by our guest editor Sophie Laverty.
Design team member @ Claire Lacey Design

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