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5 best home décor ideas for mirrors

The mirror is truly a hero of interior design! A staple in the home which can be used in almost any room, decorative mirrors are an accessorizing must. Whilst the assumption by many is that the mirror is purely for vanity’s sake, they can be useful tools for transforming a living space. Just Lovely Products are offering you a wonderful range of mirrors which can meet all your design needs.

Whether your home boasts a country cosiness or clean lined minimalism, mirrors will certainly open your space up. Just remember to follow these few design tips to really make the most of your mirrors.

1. Gallery Wall

There are so many ways to achieve a classic looking gallery wall no matter style or budget. Whether you would like a space for memories or a purely decorative art piece, the incorporation of mirrors is simple. If you are wanting a more traditional style, try purchasing either a few smaller mirrors or one larger 1 mirror and begin from there.

Mirrored Pine inspired wall art from JLP

Think outside the box and maximize your space. Just because you have bought a mirror which should be vertical, doesn’t mean you can’t hang it horizontally! When a base arrangement of mirrors has been achieved accessorize with smaller frames. These need not be expensive, keep an eye out at your local antique shop or car boot sale.

There is always a great bargain to be had. Wanting something more contemporary. Do not fear! JLP boasts a lovely range of wall art inspired mirror combinations which will open up any space. Check out the Antique Metallic Brass Mirrored Pine Wall Art, a perfect piece to maximize light in a living room.

2. Window Mirror and Planter

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes which serve a multitude of purposes. Window mirrors with built in planters are a great choice for both interior and exterior spaces and JLP has the perfect product to help accessorize.

A realistic range of artificial plants is just the ticket to creating an indoor paradise. The beauty of having your mirror married with foliage is the sense of natural reflection which can be echoed around the room. Check out the Stone Potted Boston Fern , a true feeling of being outside.

3. Industrial Mirror Shelf

Two uses in one, who could ask for more! Industrial mirror shelves are great pieces for apartments or smaller spaces where floor space or mid-range wall space is limited. When strategically placed, these shelves can bounce the light around the room, making it feel bigger whilst offering you a place for personal touches and self-styled decoration.

4. Mirrored Furniture

Living in a rented house or not keen on knocking nails into the wall, mirrored furniture is a perfect solution. Be sure to place your furniture in a less high traffic area of the house or you may run the risk of overwhelming your senses. Mirrored furniture definitely packs a punch!

To achieve unity in your space, go for furniture pieces whose shape matches your style. Don’t be put off if you aren’t ab3le to find the perfect piece straight away. Good furniture is worth waiting for. JLP furniture will pay you back in quality. Guaranteed at reasonable prices with a wonderful customer service team, Richard and Carly count their customers as one of the family.

5. Secret Garden

Mirrors in a garden are a well-kept secret. The ability to reflect light and create depth need not only be reserved for interiors. Clever placement and styling can reinvigorate your garden as a magical Eden, whether your space is large or small.

Small gardens, terrace spaces or courtyards can often be uninspiring but with a little TLC and JLP magic you can step through your very own looking glass. Add to your wonderland by placing your outdoor mirrors in corners, not only can you increase the intensity of natural light which will reach previously shady areas, but you also expand the feeling of space. By blending your mirrors into the flowers and foliage of your garden you will achieve a more natural look.

A perhaps more challenging task is how to refresh a larger garden. With more space comes more choices, but also more opportunities. When it comes to mirrors, bigger is definitely better. One of the most mesmerizing garden features echoes nature in its fullest form. If you have any body of water in your garden, be it a water feature, stream, pond or even lake, place your mirrors in areas where they can reflect the beauty of the water throughout the rest of your garden. Sit back and enjoy your oasis, sight and sound.

Now you have begun the journey, check out House Beautiful for some more styling tips to help complete the look.

Sophie’s 6 Top tips for placing #lovelymirrors

  1. If placed in a room with a window, make sure your mirror reflects part of or all of your window to achieve the best results. Not only will this increase the amount of light in the room but will increase the space’s depth also.
  2. Try to avoid putting your mirror where it will face a blank wall.
  3. In a windowless room, framed or panelled mirrors placed to reflect light in the room can give the illusion of a window.
  4. This may seem like a simple tip, but nevertheless people regularly make this mistake. When hanging a mirror above a mantelpiece, ensure you leave enough room between the mantelpiece and bottom of the mirror to be able to place things on the mantle piece. Not only do you have a little more space for beautiful accessories but this will allow your chosen pieces room to breathe.
  5. In a featureless room with no fireplace or mantelpiece, make your mirror the focal point. A real showstopper of a mirror can transform the feeling of a room. Check out JLP’s Entwined Lattice Silver Mirror for some inspiration.
  6. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having a full-length mirror in the house. An essential I would say. From getting ready for work in the morning to going out in the evening, a full-length mirror in a strategically placed room is a winner! The Colonial Grey Painted Hand Carved Hard Wood Mirror is a great addition to any bedroom or bathroom lacking a wow factor.

Need a little more inspiration, view JLP’s full decorative mirror collection

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