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Rattan Revival

Never ending lockdowns have given us all more time spent in our homes, allowing us to decide whether we truly love our environment or not. The resurgence of more natural neutral interiors have brought around a rattan revival. JLP’s NEW Solis range offer interior gems which are perfect for your Scandinavian solace.

Home décor ideas for your wicker lanterns

No matter the style or size, your living room can always be made more personal with a few small changes. At Claire Lacey Design we love to include a decorative lantern to our schemes which always work so well to make a personalised sanctuary.

Lanterns really are such a versatile home accessory. To spark your imagination we have a few ideas which can be applied to any lantern style. Ample opportunity is afforded when placing your living room lanterns. Two or three can transform your coffee table from a bare necessity into a stunning feature. Similarly, place your lanterns on a sideboard or mantlepiece to display your wonderfully styled pieces as art by day and ambiance enhancers by night.

Wicker Domed Lantern

For an elegantly rustic look, pair JLP’s large white floor standing domed wicker lantern with the Bloomville star lanterns duo. Styled on a wooden or painted chunky console with cherry blossom blooms in oversized clear vases will soften the aesthetic of your hallway or empty corner whilst retaining that country chic vibe. For an even more cozy setting, place some soft woven baskets filled with blankets or cushions at the bottom of your console; stylish and practical.

Whether your home is the pinnacle of countryside comfort or minimalised modernity, having textures to soften furniture and adding accent accessories is a must. The best thing about lanterns is they are dual purpose where design is concerned. Looking fab both inside and out these accessories really tie a scheme together. Dress your lanterns up or down depending on the occasion then sit back and relax.

Retro Chic Chairs are the Future of Childish Comfort

Why a hanging chair?

Hanging chairs or egg chairs have once again begun trending in the world of design. Not only do their natural and organic shape tie in with consumers demand for a more natural living environment and their design ooze effortless style, but they take us back to our childhood promoting that inner joy we all relish in feeling. A cocoon of pure satisfaction.

How do I decide?

The first question you must ask yourself is where you will have most use form your chair. Depending on whether you wish the flexibility of a free standing chair which has the ability to be moved to suit your needs or a load bearing chair which is more of a permanent statement, consider how the chair functions in both your overall aesthetic scheme and in its usage in your daily life. I love the diversity of free-standing hanging chairs.

As much as I would like to commit to a permanent style statement of a load-bearing hanging chair, the practicality behind this is quite different. Living in a modest home means making the best use of your space and portable furniture which can be used both inside and out certainly makes for a great investment! My chair transports me from a sunny day spent in the garden to a cozy evening tucked away in my studio.

Styling my space

JLP have got the cutest accessories to style with your hanging chair. The white wash wicker basket butler tray is as diverse as the chair itself! This piece doubles as a side table and garden Champagne buckets are a décor item furniture piece. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend leaving outside which are perhaps only dusted off long term, during the summer when our great British weather is once every few years.

Rather than a little more predictable, this piece makes a great addition to splashing the cash on something the other rattan furniture which grace my garden. The white which spends the majority of its life wicker keeps the piece looking clean and minimal but still with a hidden away, you can be crafty about natural feel. The collapsible design makes stowing it away your purchase ensuring your vase easier for those months when I get less use of my outside area.

That 70’s Revival

We all know that when it comes to garden furniture, you start out with the best intentions but it usually ends in mildew and mayhem! Rattan furniture has always been most at home in the natural environment of your garden. Traditionally produced rattan which is all-natural vine or soft wood material is commonly very high maintenance and if not cared for properly will weather and rot. Never fear though, as modern day science has come up with the perfect solution to our problems. Whilst plastic rattan furniture does not have the feel that traditional rattan would, it does save a lot of grief when it comes to the maintenance and durability of your furniture.

This past 18 months we have all invested time and money into our homes and gardens, expanding our living spaces to make the most of our available space. Outdoor furniture can be as large an investment as sofas or beds, but when chosen wisely you’ll never feel the need to go on holiday again. Why not turn your garden into your own tropical paradise with furniture so comfortable you’ll be dozing for days. Check out Just Lovely Products range of home décor accessories for ideas to spruce up your chic getaway.

Written by our guest editor Sophie Laverty.
Design team member @ Claire Lacey Design

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