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Lighting up your home with decorative lanterns

How to customise your lockdown space

When confronted with your home on a 24/7 basis, it can be difficult to tune out the noise and relax. Just Lovely Products have the perfect solution; lanterns. An accessory which will enhance any environment, inside or out.

Lockdown has given many of us the opportunity to take up the flaming torch of the DIYer. However, for some, the plaster and paint approach may be too daunting to consider. JLP are giving you a less permanent alternative by accessorising your home. Lanterns will give you that assured sense of relaxation and comfort, ensuring your space is both warm and welcoming. JLP offers a great range of modern and antique style lanterns to meet your lighting needs.

As lockdown rules are easing you may feel the desire to venture further than your front door and explore JLP’s products in the flesh. Located at Derwentside Shopping Mill in Belper, JLP’s customer service team are thrilled to showcase their crafted, quality products. Should you still be weary of mixing in public, no fear! Head over to the JLP website where a wealth of inspiration awaits you.

For those of you deep set in the countryside, opting for a rattan or wicker lantern will enhance your unique rustic style. The wide variety of shapes ranging from convex to dome allows the opportunity to find that perfect fit. A piece which looks like it truly belongs. Check out JLP’s domed rattan lanterns with rope detail to customize your space. Alternatively, should your style reflect that of a minimalist modern era, the stainless steel lantern or a metallic finish lantern will extend the timeless elegance of your home through to your stylised pieces.

For more country styling ideas check out The English Home for a diverse range of farm feel to modern interior concepts.

Lanterns for your living room

Home décor ideas for your living room

No matter the style or size, your living room can always be made more personal with a few small changes. At Claire Lacey Design we love to include a JLP lantern to our schemes which always work so well to make a personalized sanctuary.

Lanterns really are such a versatile home accessory. To spark your imagination we have a few ideas which can be applied to any lantern style. Ample opportunity is afforded when placing your living room lanterns. Two or three can transform your coffee table from a bare necessity into a stunning feature. Similarly, place your lanterns on a sideboard or mantelpiece to display your wonderfully styled pieces as art by day and ambiance enhancers by night.

For special occasions or holidays, try customising lanterns to give you that festive feeling. Christmas is a great time to get creative by filling your lanterns with fairy lights or even baubles. For an added extra festive flare, decorate your lantern tops with Christmas ribbon!

Whether your home is the pinnacle of countryside comfort or minimalised modernity, having textures to soften furniture and adding accent accessories is a must. At Claire Lacey Design our passion is to create timeless interiors with an understated luxury that you will love for years to come and adding lanterns is such a simple and affordable way to add character and interest to your room or garden space.

Outdoor Inspiration!

The restrictions lockdown has imposed on us all have made outdoor living a much larger part of life at home. Whilst the British weather is far from predictable, we cherish the time we can spend outdoors, so why not enhance your outdoor space, fulfilling its potential! Any space can be transformed be it a garden, patio or even a shared courtyard. The beauty of the lanterns is compact transportability, making them a perfect solution for shared or rented spaces where permanent lighting is not suitable.

Want an outdoor oasis? An enveloping environment? Style your lanterns with JLP’s range of artificial plants, suitable for use inside or out. A realistic range of foliage enables you to create that tranquil atmosphere without the hassle of keeping plants alive; a never-ending endeavour! Complete the look with cute vintage signs which personalise your space. Be it a motivational quote or cheery notice, make sure it brightens your day, making you smile.

You don’t need to be a garden lover to create a versatile and usable space. Note sure how to use your garden, here are a few inspirational concepts to get you started:

  • Intimate evening with friends or family
  • Outdoor cinema evening with the kids
  • Garden glamping

For more ideas on your outdoor space, be it large or small, check out Elle Decoration.

Lucy's top lantern ideas

Lucy Loves Lanterns

Lucy is a cherished member of the JLP family and enjoys the lanterns as much as anyone! She recommends having your lanterns framing a lovely warm fire and a fluffy rug for your furry friend to snuggle up on.

Here’s 3 top ideas that Lucy would absolutely love with her lanterns:-

  1. A soft blanket to nestle up with
  2. Claire Lacey Design bespoke dog bed
  3. Small selection of yummy dog treats

My Top Tips for #lovelylanterns


The more, the better! Don’t be afraid to accessorise to the max. Especially when in a larger space which can often feel overwhelming, using more lanterns, even mixed and matched in terms of style and size, will help bring attention to focused areas of your space. As a rule of thumb, odd numbers look aesthetically more sophisticated when grouped but do whatever feels right for your home.

Fighting that flame

Lanterns are most suited to holding candles. A candle will give that warm glow of gold light; a feeling intimacy. However, live flames can be a safety concern, especially for those with pets and children. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. JLP boasts a wonderful range of artificial candles which mimic the movement of a real flame! All the cosiness with none of the risk.

Magic in the Making

For those prized little ones, be they furry or baby, JLP lanterns can bring that piece of pixie dust magic into a home. Style your lanterns with twinkling fairy lights and watch as the shapes dance from floor to ceiling. Placement is key, so to make sure the lanterns take your precious babies on a wonderland journey by placing at height, if possible, in the corners of rooms for maximum impact.

Written by Sophie Laverty.
Design team member of
Claire Lacey Design

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