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Inspirational Mirrors for your home

Mirrors for your home

Mirrors are an excellent way to add a bit of class to your home. Every home can utilize a couple of fantastic mirrors, whether it’s to reflect light around the home to make it brighter and seem larger or just for a convenient place for you to check your appearance. However, picking out the right styles can be difficult, so in this post, we’re going to cover several inspirational mirrors for your home.

Antique Bronze Round Mirror With Patina Effect: This unique bronze round mirror is a sight to behold. With the beautiful patina effect and a relatively low cost, it’s a fantastic addition to any traditional home and we’d wholly recommend it.

Antique Silver Oval Mirror: This traditional-looking mirror is a brilliant accessory to decorate any room and invite more light. It’s the perfect size to also check one’s facial appearance and goes well with other neutral designs around the home.

Augustus Circular Window Wall Mirror: For a modern touch to your decor, this Augustus Circular Window Wall Mirror is a must-have. Though expensive, the beautiful finish exudes style and the unique shape of the mirror cut-outs give it a modern appearance that will stand out in any room.

Augustus Tall Cheval Wall Mirror: If you want something different, this tall Cheval wall mirror is a great addition. It’s perfect if you need a full body mirror and comes at just over 180 cm in height. The stand is sturdy and you can free stand it virtually anywhere, but also hang it on a wall if preferred.

Baroque mirror with White Ornate Front Detail: There’s nothing quite like a Baroque mirror, complete with a detailed ornate pattern on the front. This beautifully crafted mirror is stunning in every single way and a luxurious addition to any home. Although not quite as practical as a regular mirror, it’s certainly an attractive piece that can fit in any home.

Deep Rimed Antique Gold Large Round Mirror: Nothing feels quite as “natural” as wood. The unique texture, colour and feel of wood is easy to distinguish and looks amazing in a natural-themed home with muted neutral colours. This mirror is excellent in any room in the home and stands out especially if you’ve created a spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom or have a relaxing and tranquil study with other wooden textures and furniture.

Decorative Silver Mirror: This decorative silver mirror has a unique design that would it well with other similarly-coloured pieces. Pairing it with other chrome and dark colours in your decor design would make it blend in, or contrasting it with muted colours can make it stand out.

Oval Mirror With Hanging Rope: Another natural option. This time, the rope gives it a very unique and natural feel, and the brown oval texture accentuates the rustic feel that this beautiful mirror gives.

Set Of Three Round Silver Mirrors With Rope Hanger: For a very generous price, you could also get three rope-hung mirrors. These are beautiful in any room and the 3-pack means you can hang them up in several rooms.

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