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Beautiful details, high level of stylization and class are the main factors on which the design of our range of French Dressing tables is based. When it comes to adding style to a space, we take your mission as ours and offer the classic French Style chic to suit your needs. Be it a bedroom, a dressing room or an entirely different space with the French theme, we make sure that the product we offer suits your ideas as well as satisfy your desire of aesthetic appeal.

Our choice of High-quality material with a combination of highly skilled labour results in a variety of 2 and 3 drawer console tables for you to choose from. Finished in antique white or a touch of antique blue, the range on offer includes the Bordeaux, Diamante, Dijon, French Manor, La Ferme, Le Mans and Paris Blanc console tables. There is also stools and mirrors available to compliment.

Intricately carved wooden finish is used to cover up the drawers while the legs are manufactured in straight as well as curved shape. Moreover, the handles are polished with the rustic finish to compliment the antique wood finish of the dressing table. The length and height of each piece of furniture is based on ergonomics while the small details ensure the essence of French Style in it.

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