What are Some Cool and Affordable Home Decor Options?

Posted 23rd March 2018 12:38

Naturally, you want your home to be a space that is smart, stylish and utterly chic. When you have a home of your own - whether it’s a rental property or you own it - you want to be able to put your own stamp on the place and create somewhere that you look forward to spending time in and are happy to show off to your guests.

The issue is that it isn’t always easy to know how to do that, as there are so many factors to take into account. From funds to your personal sense of style, there’s a lot that you need to take into account when creating a cool and affordable home.

To help you design a space that you love, below are some tips and ideas to take note of.

Home accessories

Accessories can brighten up any space; it’s just a case of choosing the right ones, that’s all. If you’re a big lover of that vintage design style with a modern, sophisticated twist, then you may want to consider incorporating some shabby chic pieces of furniture into your home. Designs like the 6 Drawer Heart Box which offers an ideal compact storage solution for many spaces, or how about the Antique Bronze Magazine Rack. If you love to read, then you will, no doubt, be in need of some bookends, such as the Antique Acorn Finial Bookends.


A vital element of any room is a clock. If there’s an area of your home that doesn’t have a clock in it, now is the time to change that. There are so many different clock designs to choose from, so whatever style you’ve designed a room in, there’s sure to be a fitting option available. Whether it’s an Antique Telephone Style Clock, a Black and Gold Pocket Watch Clock, or a Cream Mantel Clock on Metal Stand, it doesn’t matter - you can choose the clock that’s the perfect fit for your home’s style and design needs. There are so many options to choose from, from wall clocks to table clocks; the choices are endless. There are different sizes and designs, including clocks made from a wide range of materials.

Animal decor

For adding an additional splash of quirky charm to a space without breaking the bank, animal decor could be the way to do it. Whether you want to incorporate bookends such as Antique Black Pig Bookends, an Antique Cast Iron Bird Key Hook, or a Hen Perpetual Calendar, it doesn’t matter. What it’s important to realise is that bringing accessories into your home will allow you to create a cool and comfortable space that is also affordable. It’s just a case of selecting the right accessories for each space.

There you have it, a guide to some cute, quirky and totally chic ways that you can update your home’s decor without breaking the bank. It isn’t always easy knowing what features to incorporate into your home, but if you are smart about it, you can easily update the space with just a few new accessories.

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