Succeeding on Facebook

Posted 1st August 2017 11:34

Just Lovely Products and Facebook Success.

Just Lovely Products started it’s Facebook page back in 2011 as a non-profit organisation. It was created as an opportunity to share wonderful products on a social media platform. There really was no other agenda than to find and showcase unique, vintage looking items that appealed to those who loved the idea of French country living. It was clear from the beginning that people loved the style we were sharing, and there was a real love developing for the products and pictures we were displaying.

This got us a bit more excited as we began the long process of finding products we might actually be able to sell. We started to promote our facebook page more with a view to maybe selling some products sometime in the future. It was at this stage that we learnt so much about Facebook marketing and post promotions. We learnt very quickly what worked and what didn’t, although we didn’t necessarily understand why.

‘It is extremely important to get this understanding as quickly as possible in any business, the moment you understand why certain posts do better than others, is the moment you become strategically economical with your growth’

Initially we simply continued to post what we knew would work, assuming it was because our audience preferred a certain post or style even, but we soon realised we needed an even deeper understanding. In 2013 our post reach started to decline, despite having more page followers our images and products just didn’t seem to gain any traction. It was easy to blame facebook for this, asking questions like

‘Why aren’t my post reaching all my fans the minute I post it?

But the truth is, that just isn’t feasible, because not all your fans will want to see every post from every page they like. Could you imagine how clogged up their newsfeed would be? We had 2 options at Just Lovely Products and that was to give up, or take the time to understand how facebook posting and promotions work. We decided to go back to basics and analyse what it was that made our successful posts successful and our poor performing posts never gain momentum.

‘Understanding this was the best thing we ever did. I can safely say that this has been the difference in turning an idea in to a genuine business’

We now have so much knowledge when it comes to successful posts and promotions, and because of the nature of our business we have been able use our page to promote other peoples’ products, while we make a living out of selling our own.

It’s a great feeling making a business work on facebook, and an even better feeling helping others do the same, whether it’s through our page or support with their own. Without facebook promotions, understanding reach and learning about target audiences, we wouldn’t have a business at all. It really has been the difference between creating interest and making a living, which is the biggest challenge for any new business.

Now we have a wonderful working website, 1000’s of available products, a small number of happy staff and a hugely popular facebook page with over 120,000 UK followers. Needless to say we still do 80% of our business through facebook and we are so thankful that we took the time to learn how to utilise this platform successfully.

Richard and Carly Henderson. Founders of JLP ltd.

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