Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Posted 7th April 2017 15:50

Shabby chic is a beautiful interior style that can give any home a cosy and rustic look. Its vintage charm can be made to look more contemporary and its often pale shades can make even the smallest room look brighter. Shabby chic is a great choice for bedrooms, often using feminine touches that will brighten the space and make it relaxing. If you're planning a shabby chic bedroom, try these ideas to get it right.

Vintage-style Furniture

It's a good idea to start with the furniture whenever you're planning to redesign a room. You can then choose your other colours and patterns for walls, textiles and other items based on the furniture. You might start off considering salvaged furniture, sourced from various second-hand sources. But it's much easier to find exactly what you're looking for if you buy new furniture in a vintage style. For example, the Just Lovely Products La Ferme Three Drawer Chest is a great choice for storing your clothes. The bright antique cream colour is ideal for a shabby chic look, and you can add trinkets and ornaments to the top of the unit too.

Neutral and Pastel Shades

When you consider the colours you want to use for your bedroom, keeping it light is the best thing to do. It's an especially good idea for smaller bedrooms, as it helps to maximise the light. White, cream and pastel shades such as blue, yellow and pink will all look great. Choose softer whites and creams over very bright white. The La Ferme Double Bed Frame is a beautiful cream colour that will work well.

Vintage Linens and Textiles

Your choice of linens and textiles will help you complete your shabby chic bedroom look. Think soft and feminine touches when you're choosing your bedding, curtains and other fabrics. Choose French country patterns and pastel shades, mixed in with creams and whites. You can create a cosy and homely bedroom using floral patterns and cute motifs like the heart on the La Ferme Heart Lamp.

Wood and Iron

Considering your use of materials carefully is a good idea for your shabby chic bedroom. Aged (or aged looking) wood and iron are two good choices for your furniture. They both lend a rustic look to your bedroom. The furniture doesn't have to look too distressed. Pieces like the La Ferme Dressing stool can have aged touches while still looking smart and chic.

Eclectic Style

Take a slightly eclectic approach to your shabby chic bedroom. Mix and match different patterns and colours, as well as different vintage styles. Use furniture for things that perhaps aren't their intended purpose. For example, you could use the French Manor Three Door Console as a vanity table or put accessories in the La Ferme Buffet/Wine Unit. Look for both new and vintage items to create an eclectic look with lots of different influences.

Shabby chic is an interior look that is cosy, homely and super stylish. It's a great trend that has been growing over the last few years, so you can find plenty of inspiration.

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