Inspirational Table Lamps and Lights

Posted 30th May 2018 17:19

Without a lamp, your tables can seem a little bare. Every good table needs a lamp to accompany it, but it can be difficult to pick one out especially if you’re trying to find a design that suits your table. Whether it’s the colour, the style, the design or even the functionality it has, here’s a selection of inspirational table lamps and lights that will stand out.

Verona Glass Table Lamp: This beautiful glass table light exudes style and class. It has a retro shape to it with a beautiful metal base that is polished to perfection. The fabric lampshade is a neutral colour that is sure to fit any modern, chic room.


Apollo Stone Table Lamp: For a more rustic feel, the Apollo Stone Table Lamp is the perfect match for any nature-inspired decor arrangement. The stone is beautifully polished and has a unique, aged texture all around it. Each of these stone table lamps is hand-crafted and no two will ever look the same, making it a unique piece that is bound to turn heads.

Aegina White Table Lamp: This is a classic table lamp silhouette that radiates with class. Add it to any table in your home and it will light up the area with a distinct and nostalgic glow. This table lamp has a vintage flair that few can replicate, and it’s one of the most affordable lamps that we’ve seen. For its price range, this is a must-have.

Dorchester Tall Table Lamp: For something a little different, try out this slim and tall Dorchester Tall Table Lamp. The shade is a bold red colour with a classic shape, and the neck extends past the top of the shade to provide a unique look. The base is also adorned with a shiny crimson orb, contrasting against the antique base.

Paris Blanc Chrome Table Lamp: A unique take on table lamps. This Paris Blanc Chrome Table Lamp is a shiny, brushed metal finish with a surprisingly thin neck. The shade comes in a classic neutral colour that will fit perfectly with virtually any decor style. It reflects light beautifully and has a convenient transparent switch to make it easy to use. At just £39.95, this French masterpiece is an absolute bargain.

Isla Pineapple Table Lamp: Doesn’t this just look amazing? This pineapple-shaped lamp is a stunning, quirky addition to any table that you place it on. If you have a vintage and experimental design going on in your home, then this is a lamp you don’t want to miss out on.

Laurium Flower Pattern Ceramic Table Lamp: Nothing screams vintage like a classic flower pattern on a black background. Even the shape of this beautiful ceramic table lamp hits you with a wave of nostalgia. The wooden base, the classic shade and the intricate flower design come together perfectly in this table lamp.

Stunning Chambery Lamp: If you have a chic interior design theme, then this Stunning Chambery Lamp is an absolute must. The hourglass shape oozes with elegance, reminiscent of a curvy, slim body silhouette and the lampshade comes coloured in rose gold. The neck of the lamp also shines brightly, complimenting the darker, textured base.

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