Decorative Clocks for all Rooms

Posted 30th July 2018 13:31

French-style wall and mantels clocks are surprisingly popular. They give off a retro, rustic feel that you usually can’t get when shopping at your regular furniture store. This is because they’re harder to find and not many interior design companies want to stock items that are too “old”. However, if you want to adorn your walls with a beautiful decorative clock, then we’ve got some excellent choices for you to browse.

Oval Kensington Station Wall Clock: Why go for a traditional circular shape when there are oval clocks to choose from? This beautiful wall clock makes the perfect addition to any traditional-feeling room, but can also add a touch of class to modern rooms. The rough, textured clock face gives this wall clock a used look, making it a brilliant touch to any rooms with a rustic theme.

Metal Wall Clock with Mirror Backing: Want something a little more stylish? This mirror clock is fantastic for reflecting more light into a room that is in the shade due to its position. We can’t change the position of the sun or rotate our house around, but with enough reflective surfaces, we can spread light all around our house. This clock has a beautiful metal finish with a mirror backing that looks absolutely stunning.

Kilkenny Hanging Rope Clock: It doesn’t get any more vintage than this! This hanging rope clock is brilliantLY crafted and is sure to stand out no matter where you place it. Pair it with other barn-like decor and you have a room that oozes with charm and traditional style.

Antique Mantel Clock with Gold Rim: Remember those old clocks we used to put above the fireplace or in the study? This antique mantel clock with a gold rim is made to replicate that 1:1. With a beautiful black shell and a polished gold rim, this antique clock will bring you back to a simpler time when technology was still growing and designs were uncomplicated.

White Pendant Wall Clock: This off-white cream-coloured pendant wall clock is an absolute beauty to add to virtually any room. It fits modern rooms with a clean and minimalist aesthetic, but the clock hands and slightly imperfect shape also make it a beautiful traditional piece that would fit on virtually any wall.

Multi Coloured Paris Wall Clock - Large: Another wonderfully retro and stylish wall clock that would fit anywhere. This is a stunning piece that can’t be missed if you’re designing a traditional room and want a retro clock to finish it off. It’s got a beautifully worn wooden look and even the numbers are slightly faded to make it seem well-used. The colours are dulled as well and there are “scratches” that give it a handmade feel.

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